Wendy Williams is one of those television personalities who you either really love or really hate. No other talk show host can stir a buzz quite like she can. And lately, the 52-year-old has been stirring up a lot of interest with her dramatic weight loss transformation.  It’s more than just the weight loss that’s raising interest, but the fact that she’s managed to keep it off.

In an interview with E!, she shared insights about her 50 pound weight loss journey. She glows when she talks about how much healthier and happier she is. According to Williams, she no longer “fights her body” anymore and the weight loss feels fantastic. If you’re looking to loss weight and keep it off, take a page out of Wendy Williams’ weight loss playbook.

Daily Breakfast: Williams told E! that she eats breakfast every morning. For the most part, it’s a variety of foods such as fruits and green juice. She admits that she’s been doing it all wrong for years and that eating healthy in the morning has played a big part in her weight loss.

Vegan Version of Traditional Breakfast: Every morning isn’t fruits and green juice. She also shared that sometimes her breakfast foods of choice includes the vegan version of “sausage, egg, and cheese English muffin.”

Cardio and Pilates: She noted that cardio exercise and Pilates have helped her to keep her weight off.

Pescetarian Diet: She has been on a pescetrian diet. People on this food regimen eat vegetarian foods such as fruits, vegetables and legumes, but also incorporate fish and seafood into meals.

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