E.l.f. products will never set you back more than a few bucks. That’s something to be excited about, but I’ve heard more than one skeptic wonder if their products actually, you know, work. I’m here to say that their Tone Adjusting Green Face Primer, which retails for a cool six dollars, was actually better at covering my facial redness than a department store brand primer that retails for $34.


Product: e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer

Price: $6




We Think:

How To Use It: Because I know you’re freaked out about wearing green makeup when it isn’t Halloween, here’s a quick lesson in Makeup Artistry 101: redness on your face (typically clustered around your nostrils and on your chin) needs to be covered with green primer. Here’s a handy-dandy color wheel explaining how it works. Basically, the green counteracts the red, effectively neutralizing your skin tone. If you apply it correctly with gentle pats and let it sink in, the primer won’t look green on your face at all. I usually apply mine with my foundation brush (from Make Up For Ever), but you can also use your fingers.

Results: I’m not exaggerating — this $6 primer worked way better at covering redness on my face than a primer that cost me $34. A small amount easily covered redness and blended into my skin, providing a silky base to apply concealer on top. I won’t be wasting money on expensive green primers ever again!Disclaimer: I received e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer as a sample.