Bad gal Riri is back on Instagram. A confession: I’ve never looked at her Instagram page before, and I was excited to find that it’s back up in full. As a welcome present to us and to her (mostly to me) I dug deep into her Instagram history for some beauty tips we can all apply.

You’re never too busy to do your own hair:

@jennnrosales to the rescue!

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Glasses make you look smarter:

🙂 (:

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Water can be an accessory:

@voguebrasil @teamvivanco #VOGUEBrasil

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You are what you eat:


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Keep your eyebrow game tight:

Your birthday is your night to wear truly anything:

Birthday i$h beginz …. #DearFebruaRIH

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Don’t be afraid to “play with dominant animals”:

No, really, dominant animals are no big deal:

And finally, most important, “When will your tan lines?:


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