Nowadays, everyone seems to be on the yoga fitness bandwagon. And when done right, it can provide you with wonderful transformations.

But, you may not always want to run out and pay for class memberships just to enjoy the benefits. You can yoga your heart out right from the comfort of your own space by using the tons of yoga YouTube channels out there. Be careful though. Some YouTube channels aren’t worth diddly.

Below are a few worth checking out.

Strala at Home – From Basic to Challenging

This channel introduces a wide range of yoga sequences ranging from basic to challenging. Led by Tara Stiles, she ensures that the examples are easy enough for just about anyone to follow.

PsycheTruth – From Relaxation to Energizing

This channel focuses on yoga sessions with purpose. For instance, yoga for relaxation, for energizing, for abs or for menstrual cramps.

Yoga Online – For Mind/Body Connection

Instead of just focusing on the physical benefits of yoga, this channel focuses on the mental benefits as well. There are a mixture of male and female instructors who all give different points of view.

Fightmaster Yoga – Perfect For Good Moods and Bad Moods

If you want a yoga workout that reflects your day, this channel may be the answer. If you had a really tough day, you may want a workout routine that has lots of activity. While if you had a stressful day, you may want a workout that calms you down.

Yoga House – For The Perfect Form

If you’re looking to perfect your form and poses, this channel is perfect. You can find pretty much anything ranging from power and ashantanga yoga to bikram.

 What yoga fitness channels do you swear by? 

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