With the pressures of life, it’s so easy to lose sight of the single constant in your life– you. Self-care shouldn’t just be on the weekends; you should take care of yourself every day for as long as you breathe. This piece highlights ten simple ways you can take great care of yourself.

  1. Sleep more. Sleep is a rejuvenating process, and it shouldn’t be neglected. Sleeping early will give you a head start on the next day so you’ll be well-rested and alert.
  2. Meditate. Meditating when you wake up puts you in control of the day and gives you the energy you need.
  3. Work out.Nothing vigorous, but exercise helps reduce stress and clears the mind ahead of the day.
  4. Plan. Make a note of your responsibilities each day to organize yourself and get the satisfaction of crossing the tasks off the list.
  5. Put yourself first. Your needs shouldn’t be ignored at any point in the day.
  6. Make time for yourself.Arrange your schedule so you always have the time to enjoy a moment to yourself.
  7. Go out. Stop cooping up in the house. Make plans, invite friends over, and have fun.
  8. Eat Healthily.Your body should be cared for in addition to your mind. Find a diet that isn’t super restrictive but allows you to enjoy life while maintaining your health.
  9. Read more.It’s always great to increase one’s mental resources. Not only is reading relaxing, but it’s equally stimulating. You can read for leisure or to learn something new.
  10. Love yourself.From the crown of your head to your feet, you are perfect, and you should tackle each day by reminding yourself of that.

Self-care is as important in life. Don’t do anything that’ll compromise your energy, headspace, or rest. There’s no reason to be a martyr in your own life, so take your needs seriously and tend to them. Remember, you are the constant; everything else is a variable.