Buying scarves is always fun, but when it comes to styling them, you may feel stuck and avoid wearing them altogether. However, scarves are a great accessory that can help you elevate your outfits quickly and easily.

Wear a Scarf Around Your Neck
This is the simplest and most obvious way to style a scarf, yet so effective. By wearing a scarf around your neck, you can make your outfit stand out. Scarves with prints are fabulous for this method as they can add dimension to basic clothing pieces. There are numerous ways you can tie up your scarf, depending on whether you want to look professional, put together, or look for a chic street-style look. You can also keep your scarf in place with a pin or pendant, which will spice up your outfit even further.

Wear a Scarf in Your Hair
Scarves offer a fun way to change up your hairstyle. If you are desperate for a change in your hairstyle but don’t want to change anything drastically, you should try styling your hair with a scarf. You can use them as a hairband, tie up your hair with them, or tie them in a braid. Choose a scarf that matches your outfit and add it to your hairstyle for a fun new look.

Accessorize Your Purse
A great way to give some life to an old purse is to accessorize it with a scarf. You can either tie your scarf or wrap it around the handle of the bag. It’s best to choose smaller scarves for this. Also, look for colors that contrast your purse’s color as this will look the most flattering. If your purse is in one color, opt for a scarf with an intricate pattern. On the other hand, if your purse has patterns or more than two color combinations, you should tone it down and go for a monochromatic scarf.

Wear a Scarf as a Mask
Masks are becoming a part of our daily lives, so why not look at them as a way to accessorize our look. If you aren’t going to a high-risk area, you can wear your scarf as a mask. Just make sure to fold it up a couple of times, so that it is properly layered and can protect you and others.