Coronavirus has spread everywhere around the globe. Because people fear this pandemic, numerous rumors and myths are being spread every day. Here are six myths about Coronavirus you shouldn’t trust.

Children Cant Have the Coronavirus

Many people believed that the virus doesn’t affect children because they rarely showed any notable symptoms. However, children, in fact, aren’t immune to this virus. Evidence shows that children have just as high chance as adults to contract the virus; however, their symptoms are, in most cases, much less severe. Since children can spread the virus and put others at risk, they should be careful too.

Cats and Dogs Can Give You the Coronavirus

When the virus started spreading through China, many people believed that their pets, mainly dogs and cats, carry some the virus and can infect them with it. However, the World Health Organization claims that there is no evidence that animals can affect people with Covid-19.

Vaccines Against Pneumonia Protect People Against Coronavirus

Since some people with severe cases of Coronavirus, experience pneumonia-like symptoms, there was a rumor that vaccines against pneumonia can protect us from the new virus. However, WHO quickly denied this claim. Since the Coronavirus is entirely new, it doesn’t react to the pneumonia vaccine and requires a new, completely different one. Scientists are working on vaccines for the virus, and hopefully, there will be here soon.

Eating Garlic Will Prevent You from Being Infected with Coronavirus

Even though garlic is exceptionally healthy and is called nature’s antibiotic, it cannot protect you from Coronavirus infection. Therefore, even though garlic can be good for your overall health, you shouldn’t rely on it to prevent you from getting infected with the virus.

Spraying Alcohol All Over Your Body Will Cure You

Disinfecting your hands is extremely important to prevent the virus from spreading. However, if the virus has already entered your body, spraying yourself with alcohol or disinfectants won’t cure you. You can just damage your skin. If you are experiencing any symptoms, contact the authorities to get yourself the help you need.