Having a solid morning routine is so important. There’s nothing better than starting your day out on the right foot and having a morning routine ensures that it will happen. We all have different things we do every morning to get us in a good mood and start the day positively, but here are five suggestions of morning habits that will set you up for a happy day:

Stay off your phone

It isn’t very easy to not reach for your phone the second your eyes open, I know. But staying off your phone when you first wake up is ideal. Going on your phone first thing in the morning can mean having to face emails, text messages, and all the other things we don’t want to worry about early in the morning. Not to mention, you can spend hours scrolling through social media without even realizing it. Try your best to stay off your phone for as long as possible when you first wake up.

Drink water

Before you go to bed, put a full glass of water on your nightstand, so the first thing you can do when you wake up is drink water. We’re not drinking water the entire time we’re sleeping, meaning when we wake up, our bodies are already dehydrated! One of the first things you should do after opening your eyes is hydrate yourself with a nice glass of water.

Make your bed

Making your bed every morning is seriously a game-changer. If you don’t have a productive day, at least you made your bed! It makes you feel more put together, and all you have to do is pull your blanket up and fluff your pillows. Plus, there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day to a clean room with a nicely made bed.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Don’t be one of those people who swear “breakfast isn’t for them”- breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you wake up with enough time to do so, it’s very relaxing to make a hearty, healthy breakfast and take your time to enjoy it. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning gets you energized, fuels your body, and sets your eating habits for that day on the right foot.

Move your body

Even if you don’t prefer morning workouts, it’s ideal to move your body when you wake up. That can mean going to a full-on workout class, or that can mean doing some light stretching. Regardless, moving your body shortly after you wake up will give you a burst of energy and get you ready for the day.