As the new year approaches, the new resolutions creep in. Most people don’t have successful records of abiding by their resolutions, probably because they were too far-fetched or restrictive. Try something different this year!

Rather than following the generic weight loss resolution, why not try to improve other aspects of your health, wealth, and general wellbeing. Those are the types of resolutions you’re more likely to keep. Here are six healthy recommendations that you can live by that do not involve weight loss or weight gain.

Drink more water
Dehydration is still prevalent in many people’s daily lives, and to prevent that, vow to increase your water intake. Water is a natural cleanser which influences important body processes. It’s so good that it won’t just get you clear skin, but it will also prevent migraines, brain tissue shrinkage, and even mood swings.

Stop procrastinating
A lot of what eats deep into our productivity is procrastination. This year, get a bullet journal and organize your activities for the day to actually stick to them. It may be difficult for the first few days, but once you succeed without procrastination, it will develop into a productive habit.

Sleep better
This year should be all about your self-care. Do not deprive yourself of quality sleep because you’re trying to meet deadlines. Remember, if you stop procrastinating, you can meet all the deadlines and have more than enough time to have a full night’s rest.

Put yourself first
Be selfish with your presence this year. Do not go just because you have to go because you want to. Do what makes you the happiest and never neglect yourself. You are the only constant in your destiny, so start writing it as you want it to be.

Eat healthily
This isn’t a weight loss goal, but you’ll still need to have a healthy diet. This will prevent you from being cranky or having a low blood sugar level. So, whatever menu you come up with, make sure it’s one that works for you.

Now and then, take a break when you need one. Do not overexert yourself as this will make you tire more. Go on a trip or set up a vacation when you