Introducing an altered body to all your friends and family at once just as you’re walking down the aisle could seem like a recipe for whispers of “Hey, do you think she got work done?” But Dumas is so far past unconcerned about the chatter that she’s having a pool party for her bridal shower to show off her body.

Dr. Nazarian recently had a bride and her mother come in for filler, followed by a soon-to-be husband and wife for CoolSculpting. But not every relationship is built on a foundation of honesty and cosmetic procedures. “The new method of cheating on your husband is to go in for a plastic surgery procedure and not tell them,” says Dr. Nazarian. She recalls one engaged patient who came in for vaginal rejuvenation surgery, a “facelift for the vagina,” while her boyfriend was in the army. He was away on tour, and they hadn’t had sex yet. “’I don’t want him to see him like I am now,’” the patient told her.

It’s worth noting that Dr. Nazarian has had requests for every kind of bridal treatment but Botox in the hands. “Most of my patients who come in for hand treatments are older women who’ve started dating a younger man,” she says. Let’s call that something to look forward to for the second marriage.

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