A court in Germany has upheld the right of men to pee standing up after a landlord sued a male tenant for damage to the bathroom floor from piss. According to BBC News, the Duesseldorf judge ruled that that urinating standing up is “still common practice.” The landlord will have to cough up the €1,900 ($2,200) for the marble floor damaged by the man’s stream.The sitting/standing debate rages in Germany, where men who sit to pee are called “sitzpinklers.” The word also has some other, more derogatory uses. They’re the “wimps” in contrast to “stehpinklers,” the traditionalists who prefer to stand and urinate. According to The Atlantic, a German company invented (and sold millions of) a gadget that scolds “stehpinkliners” when they lift the seat. It must be nice to live in a country that already has so much figured out they’ve turned to bathroom issues.

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