Seven Ways To Get Sexy and Confident

In a confidence rut? Well, dig yourself out! Simple things like cooking for yourself, wearing lipstick and positive self-talk can all get you back on-track with self-esteem.

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Sure, telling yourself you’re awesome, in public, may not be the way to go, but writing on a mirror or telling yourself in your head can work wonders on making you feel wonderful. Check out what works for real women!

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1Make Your Favorite Meal in a Brand-New Way

Almost 60 percent of women told us that exercising or eating healthy foods is one of the activities most likely to help them feel more beautiful. It makes sense: We all crave our favorite foods from restaurants sometimes, but being a confident cook will you make you feel healthier and proud of yourself for performing a task that you would otherwise pay for.

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You can find nearly every kind of recipe online with step-by-step instructions, too, so it’s easier than ever to channel your inner Julia Child. Devoted vegan? Grab a serving of seitan, pan-fry it in a soyaki sauce and mix it into some udon noodles … et voila!

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2Rock Your Favorite Lingerie

It should come as no surprise that “having sex” ranked high on the list of activities that help make women feel beautiful. Well, you can still feel sexy even if you’re not currently intimate with anyone. Pairing some flattering underwear with the sexiest bra you have can do wonders for your confidence. Whether it’s under an LBD for a big date or under a suit for a major work presentation, the right lingerie can make you feel absolutely irresistible.

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3Devote a Couple of Hours to Yourself

Twenty-one percent of women, according to the IY survey, said that feeling spiritually connected is the number-one factor that influences their self-esteem—it even matters more than the state of their friendships or their careers! Amid the work-life balance, sometimes your own needs take a backseat which can lead you to neglect your looks, or even ignore real health issues.

At least once a week, take a couple of hours and do something for you.

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If your hands feel overworked, go get a manicure. If you feel like you need a change of scenery, go to a museum or park. Read a book or see a movie—whatever your needs are, give in to them once in awhile.

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4Revitalize Your Wardrobe With Old & New

Have a great shirt from your youth that’s lost its shape? Look up some creative ways to revamp old tees, grab a pair of scissors and start cutting. Or, if you’ve got some cash to blow, go out and grab a few new staples to integrate into your closet. After all, 43 percent of women told us that buying a new outfit, shoes or accessories is one of the activities most likely to help them feel beautiful.

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5Wear Red Lipstick

Work those luscious lips. Nineteen percent of women responding to the Irresistible You (IY) survey said their partners found their lips to be the most appealing of all of their body parts. And 41 percent of women said putting on makeup is one of the activities most likely to help them feel more beautiful. While this may sound shallow, it’s a small action that can make a big difference for the rest of your day or night.

Unsure of what “your shade” of red is?

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Go to the makeup counter get a consultation or just try on several different colors. Take a glance at yourself in natural light before purchasing—a product that looks excellent in the carefully chosen light can look less flattering in daylight.

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6Make a List of Reasons Why You’re Amazing

You may know that you’re fantastic at giving helpful, honest advice to your friends, but how often do you really tell yourself that? Show yourself some appreciation and write down why you are the beautiful, dynamic person that you are. Being your own biggest fan not only allows you to look at yourself more confidently, it also projects to anybody who meets you that you’re a person worth knowing. Confidence is the sexiest accessory a person can carry.

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7Get Your Eyebrows Threaded

Though they are the quiet sources of strength, eyebrows are a feature few focus their attention on when it comes to a beauty routine. People notice eyebrows. In one MIT study, scientists found that people had a more difficult time recognizing famous faces when eyebrows were removed from their photos, yet could determine the person’s identity when the eyebrows remained and eyes were cut out.

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Keep your face’s most effective expression-makers in tip-top shape by visiting a reputable threading salon. Threading is extremely accurate, shaping your brow to its peak of perfection with regard to length, arch and thickness.