Know someone who has everything she needs except a good night’s sleep? Is she always complaining about how hard it is to rest at night? Then get her this smart bulb (yes, apparently those can be smart too) from SleepCompanion. She can use it to enhance her rest at night. Since quality sleep is becoming such a hot commodity these days, she’ll love you for helping her rest easy again.

Not only will it have her fall asleep more quickly, but its a 100% natural sleep aid. Based on scientifically proven result, it works by emitting a glow that increases the body’s production of its sleep hormone while also adjusting the person’s internal clock. It’s perfect for facilitating complete relaxation.

Throughout the night, it measures the quality of their sleep then lets them know how well or not so well they rested the night before. They’ll be pleasantly informed on how sufficient their sleep was and how much “sleep-debt” they are in. Who knew you could be in sleep debt too? They will even be given personalized advice on how to improve their sleep quality.

It has a gentle light-emitting alarm clock, which is so much more effective than the jolting sound of a loud alarm clock. It costs around $99 and can be purchased online.

Yes, this gift is great for a person who’s having trouble sleeping, but it is also good for anyone who:

      • Is curious about their rest cycle
      • Wants to optimize their sleep even more
      • Works crazy hours