You’ve just spent the weekend relaxing, hanging out with your friends, and having an all-around good time. The weekend goes by in the blink of an eye, and next thing you know, it’s Sunday, and the week is starting back up again. And if you’ve ever had a fantastic weekend, you know how bad the Sunday scaries hit. It might not happen when you just wake up, but at some point on most Sundays, we all encounter the dreaded Sunday scaries.

Sunday scaries are mostly accompanied by a fear of the upcoming week and an overall sense of anxiety. Maybe you have an insanely busy week coming up, or perhaps you’re just really dreading going to work the next day. Regardless- Sunday scaries are the worst. But the good news is, there are tons of ways to beat them. So the next time you’re sitting at home, and all of a sudden being hit with anxiety for the upcoming week, here is how you can get yourself calm again:

Distract yourself

Sitting at home in your fear and anxiety isn’t going to help; it’s just going to make things worse. The best way to combat Sunday scares is by distracting yourself. Hang out with friends, go for a coffee run, or workout- whatever it is, getting your mind off of your fears and into something else is going to help.

Drink water

When you start to get nervous, take a deep breath, and drink a glass of water- especially if your Sunday comes after a night of drinking. Your Sunday scaries might just be a result of dehydration, and a nice cold glass of water will do the trick.

Clean your space

Typically, when we have had a busy weekend, we’re not keeping our space clean. There’s clothes thrown everywhere, dirty cups on the counter, and last night’s late-night food still in the living room. A great way to get rid of your Sunday scaries? Clean up. Set a timer for an hour, and don’t stop until your entire space is clean. I promise you’ll feel great afterward.

Hang out with friends

If you spent the weekend with your friends, odds are they’re in the same boat as you. And sometimes all you need to get out of a bad mindset is to talk it through with your friends. Hanging out with your friends is not only a distraction, but it also gives you the comfort of knowing you’re not alone in your Sunday scaries.

Eat a healthy meal

Usually, we give ourselves the weekend for our “cheat meals” or to just eat a little bit unhealthier than we do during the week. And sometimes on Sunday, we’re faced with a pang of guilt for overeating. Remind yourself there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a “cheat meal” and that you deserve to treat yourself! Make yourself a healthy meal to get yourself back in the right headspace.

Write something

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how we’re feeling just in our minds. Sometimes to figure out our emotions and thoughts, we need to write it out. Spend a few moments jotting down how you’re feeling and the thoughts that are rushing through your mind, and you might find our you’re actually not as stressed as you thought you were.