Spring Fever got you in its grip? Whether the weather has you skipping or slumping, the best remedy is some indulgence. But not necessarily the sugary kind.  If you spend a little time on taking care of yourself, you can zip through anything….including trying on bridesmaid dresses with ease.Check out these simple tricks to make you feel relaxed, revived and ready to take on the world.1. AromatherapySpas smell great because they burn yummy smelling candles and essential oils. When you need to slow down, reach for the soothing scent of lavender. It’s been known to calm anxiousness, ease depression and help you sleep. Try placing a few drops of lavender essential oil on a few cotton balls, and then place the cotton balls under your pillow case. Light a few lavender scented candles in the bath, for an extra relaxing shower or when you soak in the tub. Spritz lavender water on your furniture, place lavender scented sachets in your drawers. Make spa water by adding add sliced cucumbers, sprigs of fresh rosemary or sliced citrus fruit to a pitcher of water and let stand for 2-3 hours.MORE FROM BETTY CONFIDENTIAL: Facebook and Body Image2. LaughterIt’s been medically proven that laughter can lift your spirits and actually aid in healing! Laughing is great for your blood pressure, blood flow, aid the immune system and reduce stress levels. Did you know that there’s even a type of Yoga based on laughter? It’s called Hasya Yoga.When you’re feeling stressed or blue watch a funny movie, YouTube clip (cats playing pianos anyone?), TV show or read a funny book. Make it a girls night out and grab your equally stressed out friends and go to a live comedy show.3. Indulge in healthy treatsThere are foods and drinks that taste sinfully good but have low calories and are good for you. Try iced coffee with low fat milk and artificial sweetener or an herbal iced tea drink without sugar so you can actually taste the flavor. Instead of a fattening donut, grab creamy, rich-tasting yogurt for a snack.MORE FROM BETTY CONFIDENTIAL: A New Study States that Popcorn is Good For You4. Stretch it outWe know that exercise is good for you. It can lift your mood, reduce stress levels, keep you fit and lower weight. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, stretch! Yes, a few stretches can raise your mood and reduce your stress levels. Breathe deeply and hold each stretch for ten seconds. It can help your circulation, range of motion and flexibility.5. Make your meals an eventWhen you’re having friends over for dinner or planning a special night with your partner or family, you pull out the fancy napkins, light candles and use your “good” dishes and plates. Why keep them in your cupboards gathering dust until the next big shindig? Take them out and use them daily. There’s something wonderful about sitting down to a pretty table on a weeknight. It even makes food look better.MORE FROM BETTY CONFIDENTIAL: Decorating Your First Place on a BudgetIt really doesn’t take a lot to add a little bit of pampering to your day. A little indulgence can go a long way to make you feel better, happier and less stressed. Try to set aside some time once a week to enjoy a bit of luxury and you’ll be amazed how the rest of your week flies by and how great you’ll feel.Tell us: What do you do to reduce stress in your life?