Ahhh, clutter! Whether you have kids, live in a really small space, or just find it hard to part with anything,  it’s easy to accumulate a lot of stuff.  Tripping over things, or being unable to find anything is no fun. Not to mention it can be totally uninspiring.  Luckily, there are creative ways to cut down on the chaos without having to get rid of your possessions. Because frankly, who wants to trash their stuff?! Take a look at these 4 creative ways to repurpose and organize your clutter:

Treat It Like Art: If you have a lot of souvenirs, arts and crafts, you can tack it onto a big bulletin board so it becomes something interesting to look at. Have tons of pictures? Instead of leaving them in some shoebox under the bed, why not let them shine! Take your photos and create a 3-D scrapbook.

Stack Books Around The Door: There’s usually a lot of space around the door that could be used. Turn the area from the floor to the ceiling into bookshelves. It’s easy to implement, and creates an awesome library feel.

Keep Everyone Included: Let the living room/ family room represent everyone by housing everyone’s stuff. This is a great way to keep everyone included, and it’s also a great way to keep a strong family feel.

Business Space: Do you have one dedicated place where you pay bills, do homework, and take care of other paper work? If not, you should. This will make it easier to keep papers organized. Consider installing a mini shelving system in this area to keep papers separated.

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