Social media has its upsides and downsides like everything in life. If not used and balanced correctly, you will be wasting hours upon hours aimlessly scrolling through pictures and videos, without getting any value out of it. But if you’re deciding whether to quit social media, there are some questions you should be asking yourself.

How Many Hours Per Day Do You Spend On Social Media?

Nowadays, there are ways to measure how much time you are spending on social media apps. Since social media apps are created to be addictive, they want you to spend as much time as possible on the apps. This allows them to generate more revenue! It ‘s vital to stay aware of how much time you are actively using the app. Check out how many hours you spend on the app and decide if that number is acceptable to you or not.

Do You Need More Time For Yourself?

If you crave more time for yourself, replacing the time you spend on social media with working on your self-development or self-care can be beneficial for your overall health. Instead of scrolling through the feed, use that time to meditate, read a book, or learn more in-depth about the topics that interest you.

Do You Want To Boost Your Confidence?

Social media is constantly bombarding us with images of what an ideal male or female should look like. Even though most of the photos we see are retouched and aren’t a real representation of a person, it can still greatly influence or mental health and confidence. By staying away from social media platforms, you will reduce the exposure to such content and will, in return, feel more confident about yourself over time.

Do You Need To Stay In Touch With Friends Or Family?

Social media isn’t all negative. It can be a great tool to stay in touch with friends and family. Ask your self who you can’t just phone and if it’s necessary to keep the social media accounts for them. If you need social media to contact a family member or a friend who lives abroad, consider scheduling the exact time when you will be in contact, and using the platform only for that. You can also choose to use less addictive platforms that don’t bombard you with content but allow you to contact people.