Minimalism isn’t about cold, bare rooms, or even perfect organization. It’s about respecting space, particularly empty space, and using colors/patterns intentionally.

Decorating a minimalist style bedroom is an easy and immediate action you can take to bring some simplicity into your life and ultimately have a more calm and clear state of mind. The bedroom is our most personal room and is a reflection of ourselves, so let’s make that a good thing.

The Lights
Lighting is one of the more under-appreciated aspects of decor, but minimalism gives it the chance to shine. There are purely decorative items like vases. Then, there are functional items like chairs and lamps that find a balance between being both. Lighting can be much more of a decorative tool if given the space.

Evaluate your mirror situation. This is another item that has both practical and decorative use. Though it’s not the first piece that comes to mind when redecorating, a properly used mirror can significantly change a room by brightening it up and making your space seem larger.

No, you don’t have to paint your room and everything in it white. Pick out an accent color, use it sparingly, and bring depth and pattern to your decor. Think of what pieces you can use to bring in that color, like framed art or rugs. The color you choose doesn’t have to be a cool tone, it’s just easier to work with one without overdoing it. Though you definitely can keep your entire room white if you’re feeling intensely minimal.

Minimalism in three words? Edit, edit, edit. Get rid of the excess and store everything else. Embrace the editing that a minimalist style bedroom requires. Less clutter is always a plus.

Now your surfaces are cleared, and your shelves are up, so curate the perfect display. You can pick out some items that have meaning to you and set them next to framed photos.

Don’t forget to experiment with your display! Instead of lining books up like normal, show off their covers and make them part of the decor for your minimalist style bedroom. Think of your shelves as a mini-museum space, they don’t have to stay static. Try putting up a few new pieces every month — change is good.

Plant Life
Green and minimalism go better together than you might expect. Regardless of your color scheme, add plants to bring some life into your room. Keep houseplants in line with your minimalist style bedroom by picking out the right home for them.