How to Fake 8 Hours of Sleep

Between your overflowing inbox and your ever-expanding Netflix queue, it’s practically impossible to catch the doctor-recommended eight hours of shuteye. But even though you may not feel well rested, you can still look like you just left a Malibu day spa. We have a few tricks up our sleeve for those mornings when we need to look like an actual human being:

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1Open The Blinds

Here’s a simple one: let in the sun. Natural light lets your body know it’s time to start the day. A morning walk or even just an open window will send your brain a wake-up call.

2Stay On Schedule

Even after only a few hours of sleep, it’s best to wake up at your normal time. (Sorry!) Your body’s internal clock is a finely tuned machine and studies have shown hitting the snooze button will only make you feel groggier.

3Get A Green Tea Boost

Start your day with a mug of powerful antioxidants. Research has proven that green tea helps improve working memory, the part of the brain that’s tied to cognitive function. After a cup of green tea, you’re more likely to remember where you left your keys.

4Trick Out Your Eyes

Even when your eyes don’t want to stay open, you can draw on the illusion of freshness with white eyeliner. A dab of light liner on your inner corners will make your eyes pop even brighter than if you were actually wide-awake.

5Go Bold

Your eyes may feel sunken after a short sleep, but they don’t need to look that way. Open up the face with bold, curled lashes. We like the Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler ($16).

6Say Bye to Bags

Nothing says “I was still awake at 3a.m. “like dark undereye circles. Try Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum ($72) with a triple micro-roller applicator that stimulates circulation and helps tone and firm your undereyes or Exuviance Brightening Bionic Eye Creme ($58) to brighten up your eyes.

7Conceal, Correct, & Protect

After a short night’s sleep, the keyword is “concealer.” Every girl needs at least one medical-grade makeup in her arsenal. For days when you’re worried about skin spots, dark under eye circles, acne blemishes, and wrinkles, we like Coverblend Multi-Function Concealer ($22).

8Take a Stroll

Stay away from the candy dish! A caffeine or sugar rush will just leave you crashing with a few hours of work to go. Instead, try an afternoon walk or a few low-key stretches at your desk. You’ll jumpstart your stimulation and get a natural energy boost.