Networking is vital for building your network and finding the right people with similar interests, but it can be hard, especially if you are an introvert. Here are some unconventional ways to build your network.

Use Mobile Networking Applications

Technology has provided us with many useful ways to communicate, and there is no reason not to use it. Most people regularly check their emails and social media accounts, which is why you should reach out to them like this. If you plan on talking with someone, you can use any social media platform. In other cases, we recommend LinkedIn. It will help you reach all kinds of people and you will be able to contact them and stay in touch with what they are doing in their career.

Organize an Event

By organizing an event, you will get a chance to work with many people in your field, and you will attract the attention of influential people. This way, instead of having to network at an event, you will have people walking up to you. This change in perspective can be hugely influential.


Volunteering will force you to work with people, and sooner than you know it, you will have connections and relationships with them. As this will come naturally, you won’t have to worry too much about networking. You just need to make sure you are keeping the relationships and getting to know the other person. Besides, when someone knows what you are like when working in a team, they will be more likely to recommend you for a particular position.

Use The Connections You Already Have

Try using the connections and relationships you already have to build new ones. When at an event, ask the person you already know well if they know anyone else in the room. This way you won’t be alone when networking, and it will be much easier, as you will meet the people your friend already knows. If both of you don’t know anyone in the room, you can approach someone together. This will be much easier for both of you, and it will be more fun.