Your safety is your #1 responsibility, which is why you must employ various methods in order to prevent crime from happening. It doesn’t mean being as extreme as walking around with a surveillance camera on you. It simply means utilizing theft prevention strategies to ensure you stay secure no matter where you are. Here are some easy to use theft prevention strategies:

  • Be careful around strangers: Kids aren’t the only ones who should be careful around strangers. Adults should take heed too. When approached by a stranger and they ask for something like money, pretend you don’t understand and just walk away. This could be a way for them to see where you keep your money making you more vulnerable to theft.
  • Stay calm: If you’re around another shopper or a passenger on the airline and they make a rude comment, stay courteous. This is the best way to deescalate confrontation.
  • Dress to blend in: Dress inconspicuous when in public. If you don’t draw attention to yourself with items such as flashy jewelry or worded t-shirts, you won’t stand out.
  • Keep your business to yourself: When talking to a stranger on an airplane, at a shopping mall, or anywhere, it’s best to keep details about your life to yourself. Don’t share your address, or where you’re going, especially if you aren’t sure you can trust them yet.
  • Leave a trail: When traveling alone, be sure to leave behind information with those who know you about where you’re going. If something happens to you, people will have a trail to follow.
  • Be careful at ATM machines: ATM machines are everywhere, but be careful about where you use one. Be sure there’s a camera around where you are and don’t flash your cash.

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