Dear housekeepers and clean-house-lovers everywhere,

This is a cleaning love letter from me to you. I recently discovered Barkeeper’s Friend and, no joke, I don’t understand how I lived on this earth for 32 years without using it before.

I have this fantastic copper pan my husband got me for Christmas one year. It got so grimy- we didn’t realize copper was so high maintenance. Then I sprinkled some Barkeeper’s Friend on it and gently washed it by diluting it with water. All of a sudden, I saw an incredible, sparkling copper color uncovering.

So then I thought, what else can this baby do? I sprinkled it into my grimy kitchen sink, stained with not only watermarks but with some old acrylic paints. Don’t judge, I like to paint, and I’m not keen on cleaning up after myself right away. Well, without even having to scrub, the paint remnants washed right down the drain, and I was left with a new-looking sink.

Guys, I have since used this item to scrub off soap scum from shower doors, clean the bathtub, tiles and even burnt on food on a pot. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

Enjoy your sparkling home,
YouBeauty Editorial Team