Filmmaker Joanna Rudnick’s new short documentary “On Beauty” follows fashion photographer Rick Guidotti as he works with young people living with genetic conditions, and it’s sure to move even the crankiest of viewers. According to PopSugar, Guidotti worked with high-profile magazines and fashion clients before meeting a woman with albinism who inspired him to learn more about the condition. When he researched albinism, the images he found were downright disturbing, practically painting subjects as medical oddities rather than human beings.

Guidotti was so moved by this discovery that in 1998, he launched Positive Exposure, a foundation that aims to use photography and video to “transform public perceptions of people living with genetic, physical and behavioral differences – from albinism to autism.” “On Beauty” offers a peek into Positive Exposure and the way it changes lives. The film is screening in a few major cities this summer, and the creative team is hoping to raise enough money for a large-scale release. Learn more about the film here, and get excited for this refreshing take on beauty!

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