Besides our home, another place we hang out the most is our office. Whether the office is in a separate building or attached to the home, this is a place where we spend a lot of time shelling out creativity, changing the world, and oh…making a living. It’s important that this environment is inviting, and pleasant so we can be at our best at all times. If you find yourself dreading your office, or if you find it uninspiring, here are ways you can cheer up this space:

Let there be Light: Your office may have fluorescent lights. If you work from home ,your office there may have soft white light bulbs. But, if you want a warm and uplifting space, it’s a good idea to add to that, starting with a floor lamp. You can also add a table lamp and small swing-arm lamp. All of these lamps will help create a motivating environment.

Add a Plant: Adding a plant provides the room with extra life, not to mention the oxygen benefits.

Use Citrus: Another way to uplift the mood of your office is by using the  power of smell. Scents like lemon, sweet orange, and grapefruit will help to keep you charged and brighten the mood of the place. If your office is in a open area, use spritz throughout the day.

Add Artwork: Another way to brighten the mood of the place is by adding artwork. This helps to give the place a homey feel.

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