Here’s a hack to help you make the most of refrigerator space without damaging food in crowded containers. The only investment you need to make is buying a pair or two of chopsticks. The ingenious tip from a Reddit reader: Place chopsticks across a bowl so that you can place another container on top. Presto! You’ve doubled available refrigerator space.

Don’t want to run out looking for chopsticks? Try slipping plates between the two bowls.

Adelaide blogger Iryana Federico shared her ideas to help others kick their refrigerator organization level up a notch. She knows that finding space for all those takeout containers, dinner leftovers, prepped vegetables, and half-empty cartons of milk and juice can challenge any kitchen wizard.

Her nifty solution is especially useful for homeowners who try to wedge unbalanced plates and bowls into too-crowded refrigerator spaces. Tip one of those over while you dig through to get to the hidden pizza box and you’ll be cleaning up spills for days.

Federico also recommends buying first-rate storage containers, but says she recognizes the price can be high. For storing fresh produce, however, the expense can ultimately save you money.

‘Anything that I use regularly, I keep in OXO greensavers. These things are amazing; they keep your produce fresh for weeks and come with removable drainage baskets, so you can come home from the grocery store, wash everything and put it away!’ she said.

Look for glass containers that you can take from fridge or freezer and pop in the over to oven (after they’ve reached room temperature). These may be more expensive, they make a fine substitute for baking trays when you are pressed for time.

Here’s another of her tips: Iryana write dates and ingredients on the glass containers with a chalk pen to keep track of when food needs to be tossed. Just make sure the chalk pen you use will come off when dishes are washed.

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