Do you have a long distance BFF who you want to get a great gift for? Even though the two of you are far apart, she still means a lot to you. Through thick and thin, no matter what, you know you can count on her. She deserves something to show her how much she matters to you. Take a look at these amazing handmade Etsy gifts that will make her heart melt.


Two State Decorative Pillow: The two state decorative pillow is a beautiful lounge piece. Engraved on it are the two states you both live in with a heart line connecting the two. Every time she sees it, she’ll be reminded of you.

World Wide Pillow: If your long distance BFF lives in a different country from you, this pillow points that out by placing a heart on where she lives and one where you live, with a line connecting the two.

FaceTime Date Mugs: These adorable mugs have a picture of two women with names on their shirts. You’ll replace those names with you and your BFF’s. When the two of you meet up again, you can put the two mugs together to show a connection.

The Countdown Notebook: When the two of you plan to meet in person again, use this notebook to help you count down the days.

The Partners In Crime Wine Glass: Don’t get tipsy alone. Buy two matching wine glasses with both of your names and locations on it. That way you’ll never feel lonely again when you drink.

Silver Ring Coordinates: This is a unique ring that has your BFF’s coordinates on it.

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