The Happy Meal Just Got (a Little) HealthierUnder widespread critiques over the large calorie content of “happy meals” contributing to childhood obesity, McDonald’s has decided to alter said meal. Starting in September, they will offer about an ounce less of French fries, with the addition of fruit. This cuts calories by approximately 20 percent. There is talk of including vegetable options in the future, and restricting sodium content in the next four years. – Via NYTMore for you: LiveWell Program Brings Healthy Dining to Kids Heart Disease Risk Factors IdentifiedAfter two longitudinal studies of over 18,000 people, researchers found more correlations between certain factors and increased risk of disease. These included: ethnicity, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) and an electrocardiograph (ECG) report. Many risk factors can be abated through lifestyle changes, and those risk factors that cannot be changed are not necessarily “causal.” – Via Time HealthlandMore for you: Unsuspecting Signs of Heart Disease You Should KnowMenu Calorie Counts Sway Decision for Some NYC Fast Food GoersNutrition research on menu calorie listings has showed no large impact on consumers’ food orders. However, a recent study found that one in six consumers bought foods with fewer calories at a NYC fast food chain, when they had this calorie information. The total calorie consumption for the thousands of people studied did not change, however. A JAMA study released this month showed that these calorie counts may sometimes be inaccurate to begin with. – Via MSNBCMore for you: Carories on Menus Understated