Tall people may be more prone to cancer.Can height impact your health? A British study found that taller women developed more cancer than shorter women (they saw a 16 percent increase in risk for every 4-inch increase in height). The theory as to why? Growth-related hormones moderately increase risk of cancer, and tall people may have more of them.  – Via Time Healthland More for you: Take our Body Health Quiz to learn about your body’s health benefits and risks.Distracting ‘do a Parliament don’t.Your hair is a mouthpiece for your personality. Rebekah Brooks, News Corp.’s embattled former chief executive, wears her long auburn curls in a tousled, Boho style that makes her hard to miss. A ‘do for nearly every occasion, except maybe when you’re appearing in front of Parliament, pleading your innocence. – Via The Daily BeastMore for you: Want hard-to-miss hair? Take our Healthy Hair Quiz for personalized  suggestions for your crowning glory.Working moms can stop feeling guilty.   A study found that employed mothers do not have a harmful impact on their children’s development. In fact, researchers concluded that the ideal household situation is having two parents with paid employment. Of course, many more factors come into play, such as father’s employment status, household income and mothers’ education level and mental health.  – Via WebMDMore for you: Is Your Horrible Boss Ruining Your Life? Make the best of your work situation.Optimism may lower your risk of stroke. Cup half full people rejoice, your optimism may be paying off. Researchers have discovered a link between an optimistic outlook and a decreased risk of stroke. Why? The researchers opine that people who expect the best feel they have control over their bodies, leading to healthier behaviors like more exercise, healthier eating and vitamin-taking.  – Via ABC HealthMore for you: How happy are you? Take our Happiness Quiz and find out.