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Anemia & Inflammation

If you are often fatigued and have low energy, your doctor may test you for iron deficiency, inflammation and proteins associated with these issues.

Monitor Your Thyroid

If you're feeling sapped of energy, your thyroid may be to blame. A simple test can reveal your hormone levels.

Feeling Low on Energy?

Your doctor may be able to pinpoint the cause with a simple blood test to check that your hormones and organs are functioning at optimal levels.

Raise Your Heart Rate to Lift Depression

Exercise is one of the best anti-depressants, so get moving!

Your Mind: Healthy Approaches for Treating Depression

New research points to yoga and meditation for treatment of depression. Find out how these practices, along with talk therapy, can help banish your blues.


There are many causes of depression and various ways to treat it.

Mind-Body Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Keeping your mind at ease during treatment can have surprising health benefits.

Move Your Body to Heal Your Bowels

Get physical to reduce your risk of colon cancer and enjoy countless other benefits.

Eat to Treat Colon Cancer

Keep your body in fighting form during treatment.

Colon Cancer

The good news about this cancer is that it's both preventable and treatable.