Having a baby is undoubtedly expensive. After nine months of check-ups, the live event and hospital stay, and then actually raising your new bundle of joy, it’s surprising anyone can afford to procreate these days.

Especially in the U.S. According to a new analysis done by WalletHub, not only are birthing costs in the U.S. the highest in the world (so depressing), but having a baby in certain states can be even more wallet- and baby-unfriendly.

Topping the list as the best state to have a baby is Vermont; the state that came in dead last was Mississippi. States were ranked according to three categories: budget, health care, and baby-friendliness (which Hawaii ranked No. 1 for).

Good ol’ New York was ranked 46th overall, and 49th for Average Annual Infant-Care Costs, which were estimated at $13,394. The cheapest state was Mississippi; the most expensive was actually The District of Columbia, which ranked 34th overall thanks to its extremely baby-friendly environment.

Another telling stat: New York state ranked 44th on Number of Child Care Centers per 100,000 Residents, at just 21.52. For anyone who’s wondered why every preschool in NYC comes with a waitlist and a college tuition-level pricetag, there’s (part of) your answer.

To see the full list of rankings and how your state measures up—which you might want to know before casting away your birth control just yet—head over to WalletHub.

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