There’s no denying it: TikTok is slowly taking over the world. I find myself mindlessly scrolling through my For You Page for hours and talking about TikTok nonstop with my friends.

There’s everything from dancing videos to POVs, to just the most random, hilarious content. But if there’s another thing I’m thankful for on TikTok, it’s all the life hack videos. Not going to lie to you- TikTok hacks have helped me in more ways than one, especially with cooking. You’ve probably seen TikTok food hacks on your FYP before, but if you’re interested in giving one a try, these are the best:

Egg yolk removal
Everyone struggles with removing the yolk from the white of an egg, but this genius hack uses an empty water bottle that effortlessly sucks up the yolk in one try.

Pancake cereal
The newest food trend that has taken over the internet. Pancake cereal is just a fun way to enjoy your breakfast. People have even taken the trend further and made cookie, croissant, and waffle cereal.

Breakfast quesadilla hack
This breakfast hack has actually become a regular in my house. You basically just scramble eggs in a pan, put a tortilla on top, add cheese and whatever other toppings you want, flip it over, and viola- you have a delicious breakfast quesadilla made in minutes!

Cut your cake with floss
Yes, you heard that right- who needs knives anymore when you have floss? This hack makes cutting cake super easy with a string of unflavored floss. It’s guaranteed to get your cake slices perfectly even.

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
This hack has changed the ice cream sandwich games. To get a perfect ratio of cookie to ice cream, all you need to do is lay the pint down, cut it through the container, and remove the outside. You’ve got a perfect slice of ice cream to go in between your cookies!

Homemade Uncrustable
If you’re craving an Uncrustable but too embarrassed to walk into a grocery store and buy a pack as a grown adult… use this hack. It might be better than the real thing.

Toaster quesadilla
Craving a quesadilla but don’t feel like dirtying an entire pan? Easy- use this toaster quesadilla hack instead. All you have to do is make a quesadilla like regular, fold both sides in, fold the entire thing in half, stick it in the toaster, and done!

One-pan breakfast sandwich
Another TikTok food hack that’s become a regular in my house is this one-pan breakfast sandwich. Like the breakfast quesadilla, all you need to do is scramble up some eggs, add two pieces of bread to the pan, flip it over, add whatever toppings you want, and fold the sandwich together. Trust me, it makes making breakfast a breeze.