Minimalism is introducing a more straightforward way of living. It also teaches us why decluttering is so important. When it comes to possessions, more often then not, less is more. Without things that weight you down, you will be freer to do the things you enjoy and worry less. These are the things you should consider getting rid of.

Flat Pillows

Flat pillows are bad for your neck and back. They can prevent you from getting good sleep at night. It is a better idea to have one good pillow, which will support your neck better than multiple flat pillows.

Extra Sheets

Having one or two replacement sheets is fine, but having four, five, or more is a waste of space.


Juicers tend to be expensive, so it can be hard to declutter them, but if you aren’t using it at least once per week, it doesn’t hold good enough value for you.

Fridge Magnets

If you tend to place memos on your fridge, it’s okay to have a few magnets, but be honest with your self and keep only the ones you use. Magnets can make your kitchen look more cluttered than it is.


The Internet is an excellent resource for recipes, which is why you should consider getting rid of your cooking book if you haven’t used it in the last 30 days.

Empty Jars and Containers

It can be tempting to keep all kinds of containers in hopes of using them one day. But you want to keep just a few since they take up space unnecessarily.

Cracked Dishes

We often tend to keep using the chipped plates or mugs, but this is not healthy since you can digest small pieces from the broken dish.

Plastic Straws

Getting rid of straws is not only a good idea for the environment, but you are also going to save a lot of money. Use a reusable straw or simply ditch them altogether!


Ask yourself which spices you use regularly and consider getting rid of the rest. There is no point in holding on to spices you rarely or never use.


Instead of having bulky DVD’s, which take up space, consider digitizing them.

Unread Magazines

A lot of times people bring magazines in our lives and we never really open them. If the magazine hasn’t interested you enough to read it by now, it probably won’t in the future either.