Never under-estimate the importance of having as much information as possible about the company you’ll be interviewing with. Make a point to go to the company website to read up on its history, and see if it offers any additional information on the people you’ll be interviewing with. While browsing their content, you might get a good feel for their work culture and what they value as an organization.

Prepare Notes for the Call

Have a copy of your resume in front of you and a list of relevant talking points to help keep the conversation on track. Most interviews will start by walking through your resume, so be ready to point out your strongest accomplishments. You might get asked to describe when you faced a challenge or solved a problem. Having an answer available will appear polished and prevent you from getting flustered from coming up with something on the spot.

Stay hydrated

Interviewing can be a high-pressure situation, and developing a dry throat is a common side effect of feeling nervous. Keep a cup of water nearby to sip on now, and then while the interviewer is speaking, this will prevent your voice from cracking or sounding hoarse.

Confidence is Key

Employers care about hiring people they believe will be able to deliver results. If two candidates are equal in skill and pay range, but one of them brings an energetic “can-do” attitude to the table, they’ll likely be the one walking away with a job offer. It’s your job to sell your skills and articulate why you’re the best person.

Thank You Notes

After the phone call comes to an end, begin drafting a thank-you email to send out to everyone involved in the interview. It’s best to start writing as soon as possible, while the conversation is still fresh. Open the letter by thanking everyone for taking the time to hold the interview and sharing more on the opportunity. Include a brief summary of how your professional strengths apply to the position, then transition into a strong closing statement that shows interest in taking the next step. Send out your finished thank you note the following business day.