As we slowly creep back to some sense of normality with offices reopening and people heading back to work for the first time in months, it’s normal to feel a sense of panic. For those who have worked from home during the global pandemic, it’s safe to say we’ve become accustomed to our new routine and little ‘bubble.’

It has taken time to create a new kind of routine and adjust to our working life from home. With the announcement of offices reopening, there’s bound to be widespread concerns and anxieties about how we will go back to our office working environment after so long. Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for your return back to the office.

Identify Your Ideal Working Routine
Now that we’ve proven we can work from home, if you feel comfortable carrying on, you should speak to your manager about potentially splitting your time between home and the office. You could explain that you want the flexibility or simply don’t feel ready to commit to returning to the office full time. You may find that you can find a healthy balance between the two working environments and figure out a plan that works for you personally.

Be Prepared
Once you’re given a date that you’re likely to return, start prepping beforehand by waking up early and maybe going for a walk in the morning to get you used to your commute again. It’s easy to take a more laid-back approach to your working day when you’re at home, so you don’t want it to shock the system when your alarm goes off for the first time!

Keep Yourself Safe
Whether you get public transport, walk, or drive into work, ensuring you’re safe and protected is essential. Always wear a mask when you’re out in any public spaces and have hand sanitizer on you at all times. Try not to eat or drink in public and stick to eating in a clean, designated area. You will soon become used to this once you return back to your usual commute and routine.