As we continue to adapt and get used to the ‘new normal’ that the global pandemic has introduced us to, many of us remain working from home full-time instead of being office-based. While working from home can be great and comes with lots of benefits, it can also be a considerable challenge for many reasons.

The Importance of Switching Off
Working from home can make it incredibly difficult to switch off. When you’re in the office, you tend to stick to the same working hours, have a structured day with regular breaks, and once you’re finished, you leave the office and ‘switch off’.

When you’re working from home, it can be hard to separate yourself from your work. You might find that you start slightly later. Don’t take regular breaks and end up working well into your evening, leaving you with little downtime. It’s super important that you give your mind a rest and continue to have downtime during your weekdays or end up feeling burnt out.

Benefits of Taking a Break
You might find it strange to take annual leave when you’re at home with restrictions on what you can do and where you can go. Although you might not be able to go on a proper vacation, the benefits of taking some time off even if you’re working from home can be huge.

    • It gives you time to switch off from your work and have a break from any demands or heavy workload.
    • It’s a form of self-care.
    • It allows you to spend time on you, doing things that make you feel good, whether working out, reading a book, or bingeing on Netflix.
    • It gives your brain time to reset.
    • You will come back feeling refreshed and ready to get back into a routine.