If 2016 didn’t go so well for you because you either missed the ball, struck out, or screwed up, don’t sit in pity. It’s time to pick up and move on. Whether your business didn’t take off like you wanted it to, your career is in the dumps, or your money is stagnant, you have the power to change all of that. 2017 isn’t just going to fix itself. You’ve got to do something about it starting now.

Here’s how to make 2017 rock where 2016 flopped:

  • Get Clear On Your Goal(s): Depending on the state of mind you’re in, you may feel frustrated, or depressed about your goals. You may also be so distracted with everyone else’s achievements that you don’t know what it is you really want anymore. It’s time to get clear. Determine what a happy year looks like for you. Don’t hold yourself back either. This is a great time to dream big.
  • Envision Goals Daily: A great exercise to start immediately is envisioning your goals as if they are reality. You can do this any time throughout the day, but it’s really powerful to do right before falling asleep at night and right after waking up in the morning. According to the book, Miracles of Your Mind by Joseph Murphy, doing this programs your subconscious mind. Eventually, you’ll be on auto pilot to getting what it is you want. If you think about it, people who we consider “successful” always have their minds on their “prize”. Doing this is a great way to keep your mind on your prize, so you aren’t easily distracted with the day to day things that go on.
    • Find a Coach: Just like an athlete has a coach who helps them train and prepare for games, your coach will help you get to your goals and reach them faster.
    • When The Hard Stuff Shows Up- Do It: How many times in 2016 did an opportunity present itself, but you had to do something hard in order to get it? Maybe it wasn’t physically hard to do, but it was mentally hard to do. Whatever it was, the opportunity was there, but you didn’t go for it. Don’t let it go down like that again this year. When you have to do something that feels hard or uncomfortable, take a moment to meditate on it. Let yourself feel your fear, but see yourself on the other side.

Do these things consistently, and you’ll experience a successful 2017.