“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s dating life is the worst of all?” Ladies if you feel you can relate to this, cheer up. The world of dating can be a jungle full of lions, tigers and bears. A girl’s gotta be smart and innovative in order to avoid the duds, the jerks and the crazies. That means being sharp, doing things differently and thinking outside the box.

Here are some insanely good dating tips courtesy of MichelleG.com that’ll give you an edge while helping you to attract “The One”. Try them out and soon your dating life will become the fairest of them all.

Insanely Good Tip #1: Winner’s Mindset – First thing’s first, do you have a winner’s mindset? Meaning, do you have a positive attitude overall towards dating? If you’re approaching it on pins and needles expecting failure, then that’s what you’re going to attract – Failures.  Everyone won’t be a perfect match for you. That’s why you’re dating. Accept people for who they are and if they don’t fit, move on.

Insanely Good Tip #2: Dress To Kill (figuratively, of course) – Looks aren’t everything, but they do count for major points when you want to make a good first impression. People are naturally attracted to what’s beautiful and intriguing. Aren’t you? This doesn’t mean you have to conform to trends. You should absolutely stay true to your style. In fact, MichelleG.com recommends that your clothes accurately represent your personality.

Insanely Good Tip #3: Elevator Pitch– Who would’ve thought you needed an elevator pitch while dating? Turns out you do, if you want to stand out at least. When people approach you, you have to capture their attention right away, otherwise it’s over. Create the space for a blossoming conversation by having an introduction of yourself ready to go!

Insanely Good Tip #5: A Dating Card – When you run across someone who interests you, you’ve got to pull out all stops. One way of doing that is by handing them over your dating card. It’s the perfect way to showcase your personality. You can rest assured when you give it to them they won’t forget you. Keep in mind that your dating card isn’t your business card. This card should be energizing, infectious, and full of personality.

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