Proper communication is vital in every relationship. Not communicating your feelings and emotions to the people in your life will result in unresolved problems. A lack of communication is often the cause of a breakup. If you don’t talk about things, they will never get resolved. Maybe it’s that you feel like you and your partner don’t see eye to eye. Or maybe one person is unsure of how to communicate properly. Communication issues are common. But luckily, they can also be quickly resolved by taking the right measures. Are you finding that you and your partner are fighting because of a lack of communication? Here are five ways you can improve your communication and your relationship:

Make the time

Often, life can get hectic, and you can find yourself struggling to make the time actually to talk to your partner. Maybe you’re starting a new job. Perhaps you’re moving- whatever it is, there’s no denying that life gets busy. But, it’s crucial to build in time to communicate with your partner. Just setting up time every day to talk with one another, even just for a little bit, can make a huge difference. You have to take the time to communicate with your partner properly.

Listen to them

Nothing is more frustrating than talking to someone who you feel like isn’t listening to you. Put your phone away, turn off the TV, and shut off any distractions when you’re talking with your partner. A good listener is a trait we all want in a partner, and it’s a trait that can be worked toward. A key to good communication is an equal listening to talking ratio. It’s unfair if one person gets to rant all the other time and the other person can barely get a word in. Listening and thoughtfully responding to your partners’ words will make all the difference.

Be mindful

It’s easy to think that you’re always right. When you disagree with someone, it can be tough to see another person’s point of view, especially if you’re generally a stubborn person. However, being mindful of your words and tone of voice can drastically improve communication in a relationship. Everyone is different, and the way you say something might sound casual to you, but to your partner can come off as mean. It’s essential to be mindful, so you don’t end up accidentally hurting someone’s feelings.

Use “I” statements

When you’re fighting with someone, often we resort to giving people the cold shoulder. Or, we blame them for things and continuously use the word “you.” Using “I” statements is imperative in improving communication skills because it’s the most effective way to explain your emotions. If you and your partner are fighting, start by saying: “I feel hurt because…” and go from there. That way, there is no blaming, and instead, you can calmly explain your feelings.

Remind your partner why you love them

If there’s one thing I try to always stay true to in life, it’s to never go to bed mad at someone. Even if you and your partner got into a heated argument and a resolution doesn’t seem like it’s happening that day, try to make a point of finding a compromise as soon as possible. Reminding your partner why you love them, even years into a relationship, is the key to a long, healthy, and happy relationship. No one wants to feel like the sparks have faded. Reminding your partner why you love them is crucial in keeping the romance alive.