“Love Is Blind” is Netflix’s newest reality TV show that has everyone addicted. Basically, the premise of the show is that a bunch of single people are paired up to talk and get to know each other, except there’s a twist: they don’t see each other. The pairs continue talking until they fall in love, and if they do so, they get engaged. And only then do the couples get to see each other face to face. From there, the couples continue on their relationships where they spend two weeks together until their wedding day. And on the actual wedding day, we see if the couples actually go through with it and prove that love really is blind or if they go back on their word.

The whole thing is crazy: How can you meet someone, fall in love, and get engaged without ever seeing them? And then, how are you expected to get married in just two weeks after that? While all the couples on the show had their fair share of difficulties, there was a lot of relationship advice that can be taken from Love Is Blind:

Love yourself

One of the essential takeaways from the show is the importance of loving yourself first. Self-love was the reason for the success in some relationships, and the lack of it was the reason others failed. It’s important to realize that getting into a relationship and forcing yourself to love someone isn’t a solution. You have to love and be sure of yourself first.

Don’t compare yourself to others

One of the most interesting parts of the show was how couples all go to meet each other after the pods. While some couples were smooth sailing from the start, others had more tumultuous relationships. This is common and normal for all relationships, not just ones that start on a reality TV show. Regardless, it’s essential to know that every person and relationship is different, and a couple that looks like all sunshine from the outside might be different in reality.

Looks aren’t everything

That’s basically the whole concept of the show, trying to prove that looks aren’t everything. While not all the couples on Love Is Blind actually ended up together, that wasn’t necessarily a result of not being physically attracted to each other. The way the couples bonded and fell for one another before ever meeting is crazy and proves that someone’s personality shows way more than their appearance. Attraction is important, but it isn’t everything.

Be yourself

It was very clear in the show that some people were completely themselves from the second they got in the pod to the second they said “I do,” but other people seemed to change throughout the show. And the couples who were themselves the whole time were mostly the couples who got their fairytale happy ending. Love Is Blind proves the importance of being yourself through thick and thin. The right person will love you for who you are.

Listen, then react

Many of the couples had their moments of heated arguments, and most of those arguments were from a lack of listening to each other. Usually, it was one person over the other, but that person tended to burst out their emotions without listening to how their partner felt. This is definitely an important lesson from the show. Listen to your partner before blowing up on them. Your partner’s feelings are just as valid as your own, so you have to take the time to see where they’re coming from.