All breasts weren’t created equal. Some are big. Some are, well, not so big. And in a culture where mostly everyone seems to have boobs on the brain, it can be hard to remain proud of your body when you happen to fall into the ¨not so big¨ category.

Don’t worry. If you are a little (or even a lot) on the small chested side, you can still look mouthwatering sexy in lingerie for your guy this Valentine’s Day. Feel womanly, sexy and 00confident no matter your bust size. Remember, great things come in small packages, so make it work.

Lingerie Options

You’ve got options and plenty of them. From bras and briefs to body suits and garter belts, check out these 5 style ideas and brands that are perfect for smaller busted women.

  1. If your bra size ranges from 32 AAs and Bs through 36 As, you may want to check out the Itty BittyBra brand. It was created specifically for the woman who is itty bitty and proud.
  2. For a savory and sweet seductive look, try the Pink and Red Bra and Garter Belt from L’Agent.
  3. If you want an invisible strapped bra that also gives the perfect lift, check out this piece from Evolution by Margarita Couture
  4. Try a seductive black lace body suit such as this one from H&M.
  5. If you’re feeling really naughty, try this Rose-Printed Satin Longline Bra from Nasty Gal. Be sure to pair them with the matching panties while you’re at it.
Enhance Your Cleavage
Here are some other ways to enhance their size – and your confidence.
– Stand up straight with your shoulders back.
– Use make-up tricks.
Love what you have. If you love them, he’ll love them too. So, which style will you likely go with for V-Day? Go ahead and share!