It’s never easy to walk away from a friendship, especially if both of you have a long history together. What once was a great and joyous time is now filled with toxic traits and stress. We are only on this earth for such a short amount of time, so aim to be as happy and fulfilled as you can be. Sometimes achieving this involves letting a friendship go. The bigger question is, how do you really know when it is time to pull the trigger and walk away?

They Do Not Value Your Time

Time is the one thing you can never get back once gone. If it is becoming more common that your friend is devaluing your time, such as only complaining or always running perpetually late, then it may be appropriate to address it. Your time is valuable, and if after conversing with them about this and they are still showing poor behavior, it may be time to let them go.

Everything is One-Sided

If the entire relationship is aimed at pleasing your friend, or you find that you are the one doing all the catering, then this is a red flag to jump ship. Friendship should never be a one-way street. If you are not being put first in anything, then reevaluate your situation to see if you would be better off cutting ties.

You Make All Effort 

When you are the only person initiating get-togethers or trying to plan to hang out, then it can get tiresome being the sole planner. Take a step back and see if your friend chips in and contacts you for a change. If not, then walking away may be your best option.

They Take Advantage of You 

The downside of being a loyal friend is that it’s easy to be taken advantage of. If your friend continually asks for favors, such as giving them money regularly without offering the same back to you, you need to dive deep into why your relationship manifested this way and if there is any hope for reversing it.

They Never Listen to You 

Nothing is worse than not being heard. When you have an important topic to discuss with your friend, yet they brush you off, it means they either do not care about your feelings or wish to hear what you have to say. No one deserves to be pushed aside and left unheard in any type of relationship.

Remember, no matter what happens, you do not have to forget the past. If you realize that you and your friend have grown apart, or the relationship has become too toxic to continue, then take your incredible memories and go. Though it will be hard, you will find that your overall wellbeing will benefit by releasing anything or anyone that is not serving happiness you anymore.