A recent study showed that nearly one-third of women aged 18-59 suffer from a low sex drive. The main issue men tend to suffer from that causes their sex drive to plummet is erectile dysfunction. Yet, a combination of both physical and mental factors can cause women’s biggest sexual problems, making it much more complicated.

A low sex drive can be extremely frustrating, whether you’re male or female, and there are many reasons why it happens. Here are five things that could cause low libido and having a strain on your sex life.

Relationship Issues 

Many relationship-related issues can cause havoc on your sex life. Lack of emotional satisfaction or connection, partner performance problems, the birth of a baby, and becoming a caregiver for a loved one can cause a decreased sex drive.

Cultural Influence 

Job-induced stresses or worries, peer pressure, and images of sexuality in the media can cause insecurity and also affect your sexual desire.

Low Testosterone Levels 

One of the main things that can impact both a male and female’s sex drive is low levels of the hormone testosterone. Women and men produce testosterone, and low levels of it can impact your sex drive. Low testosterone in women can also cause muscle weakness and lethargy, and a lack of sexual desire. Males also experience the same side effects with their sex drive suffering.


Certain medications come with side effects that can hurt your libido and sexual drive. Mental illness can also impact sex life, with conditions such as depression or medical conditions like thyroid disorders or endometriosis decreasing a women’s sex drive.


As women age, their blood levels of hormones known as androgens continue to drop – testosterone is one of these, meaning women can naturally lose interest in sex as they get older.