Today we’re going to step back in time…5, 10, maybe even 20 years ago to when you were a teen. Remember how romantic Valentine’s Day was back then? How simple and easy it was to proclaim your love without having to do anything grand or extravagant?

Well, we’re going to explore some of those simple, heartfelt options again. Forget about those cliche’ gifts. I’m talking about romantic gestures that at first glance may seem a little cheesy, but come straight from the heart. Check out all of these adorable Valentine’s Day ideas (many inspired by Pinterest) and keep them in mind as February 14th approaches.

  1. Sip On a Little Flowery Champagne: If you prepared a meal at home as a part of date night, try a nice little twist on the ice cubes you put in your champagne.
  2. Snow Scraper: Do you live in an area that’s affected by snow? Take a moment and write a message in the snow. Think of skyscraper, but instead it’s snow. After you finish the message, post to Instagram and tag your Valentine with it. 
  3. Sportsman Paradise: If your guy or girl is a die-hard sports fan, then give them something that’ll make them feel like a real VIP. A ball with their name and the words, “You’re a catch.” on it.
  4. On This Day……: If you and your partner enjoy doing research, why not put together a list of monumental events that happened on your anniversary.
  5. Heart Shaped Treats: Make your own chocolate covered strawberries and carve them out in the shape of a heart.
  6. Balloon Surprise: This one is a lot of fun and very surprising if done right. Fill your partner’s closet with red balloons. When they open it, they will be greeted with a lovely shower of balloons.