I’m just going to come out and say it: sex toys can be intimidating. We’ve all browsed sex toy websites and sections in stores, but figuring out the right toy for you can be difficult. I mean, there are so many out there! Does anyone know what the purpose is just from looking at one?

Maybe you want a sex toy for your personal needs, or perhaps you and your partner want to experiment with something new. Regardless of the purpose, sex toys can be overwhelming. These are the best sex toys for beginners who want the 411, quick and easy:

Cock Ring
Pleasurable for both parties, a cock ring is pretty straightforward and easy to use. A cock ring can help a male stay harder for longer but vibrates on both people, so it’s an enjoyable sex toy for all.

Bullet Vibrator
A bullet vibrator is small enough to bring anywhere but still packs a punch. Bullet vibrators are ideal for beginners who want to venture into the vibrator world by starting with something little and easy to use.

Whips sound a lot more intimidating than they actually are. That is if you make sure to get the right kind. A feather whip is ideal for someone who is into a little bit of spanking but doesn’t want to go all-in with chains and leather.

Handcuffs can be used in a variety of ways and are great for beginners looking to get into something new in bed. You can tie your partner to the bed frame and vice versa or get handcuffed to something outside of the bedroom (like the fridge?!). The options are endless.

Blindfolds are popular with people trying to ease into sex toys because of how easy and versatile they are. Blindfold sex spices things up, intensifies your scenes, and increases trust between partners.

A sex toy list wouldn’t be a sex toy list if it didn’t have a dildo on it. Dildos can be used for self-pleasure or with a partner. You can even experiment with a strap on if you’re feeling extra frisky.