Valentine’s Day is exactly 14 days away, which means it’s time to plan something super romantic and over the top like you’ve never done before.

Don’t let this one pass by like usual. Instead, shake it up literally by giving your guy a seductive strip tease that he’ll never forget.

No need to be in excellent shape to pull this off. With a little effort and whole lot of practice, you can pull together an impressive act in the next 14 days.

Because this might be new to you, here are 8 steps you can rehearse to get you started. Feel free to add to this as you see fit, but most importantly stick to it. You’ll blow his mind (and yours) on Valentine’s night.

Step 1: Wear one or two layers on top of some exotic underwear. Little by little, you’ll undress to reveal the surprise underneath.

Step 2: Sit him down comfortably either in a chair on the bed.

Sep 3: Have the right selection of music ready.

Step 4: Stand in the doorway and move towards him slowly. Ideally, to the rhythm of the music.

Step 5: Sway your hips from left to right.

Step 6: Once you’ve gotten close to him, place your hands on your knees and slowly drop your hips to the floor making sure to come back up slowly.

Step 7: Remember step 1? This picks up where that left off. Remove more of your clothing one item at a time.

Step 8: Now, remove his clothes slowly. Once you’ve made it to his underwear, you can use your mouth to help you remove the clothing.

Use these 8 steps as a blueprint for your own exotic strip tease. Be seductive, be creative, and most importantly have fun.