Attachment Styles: Favorite Male Characters

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione from “Harry Potter” – Avoidant, Anxious, Secure

Despite endlessly devoted friends and fans, Harry Potter pushes everyone away. He tries to run away in the night, protests when anyone protects him and faces his scariest battles solo (or tries to, at least). What can you expect after 11 years in the Dursley’s stair closet?

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Known to storm off in a huff, Ron Weasley is classically anxious. He worries that Harry doesn’t need him, that Hermione loves Harry more than him and that he’s the all-around runt of the litter. But somewhere between smashing the Horcrux and snogging Hermione, Ron finally grows a pair.

Hermione Granger is the rock holding the trio together. Raised in a stable, loving family, the brilliant overachiever is secure and confident. She supports Harry even when he pushes her away and calms Ron when he’s feeling insecure. Without Hermione, the Dark Lord would still be lurking.