You may feel like you’re seeing double as you peruse the pages of a gossip magazine filled with celebrity couples, but you don’t need to have your eyes checked—it’s surprisingly common for celebrity (and regular) couples to start dressing alike and in some cases, even donning the same hairdos over time. Remember former lovebirds Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow’s matching platinum bobs?“People who spend a lot of time together start to synchronize the way they think,” explains Art Markman, Ph.D., YouBeauty Psychology Advisor and author of Smart Thinking: Three Essential Keys to Solve Problems, Innovate, and Get Things Done. “This happens at lots of levels. That is one reason why couples start to finish each other’s sentences after a while. This also happens with appearance.  Couples will mimic each other’s taste and will also influence each other directly. That is, if you know your partner likes a particular style or color, you will start to wear that more often.  If your partner likes that style or color, then he’ll wear that as well.”QUIZ: What’s Your Love Style?Although it might seem contrived when star couples dress alike, that’s not likely the case when they’re out grabbing brunch or taking a stroll. “This is mostly unconscious,” notes Dr. Markman. “We like to think of ourselves as being individuals and so we don’t like realizing the degree to which our looks, conversation and even our accent is being affected by other people—even our partners.”Adds New York City professional stylist Bryn Taylor, aka The Re-Stylist: “With Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, they had the same style to begin with. I’m sure that’s a part of why they’re attracted to each other. Dressing alike happens when you’re in tune with the other person and you see them all the time. Now you’re not only liking each other’s style, but also reaching for the same thing—and they’re not even realizing they’re doing it.”MORE: Tips to Control Impulse BuyingBut those matching outfits are no coincidence when stars hit the red carpet. “When dressing for special event, stylists definitely keep it in mind that the couple wants to at the very least compliment each other,” explains Taylor. “You don’t want your date in another world style-wise. Doing things like matching your tie to a girl’s dress is a little too cutesy and prom-like, but there’s a way to align the looks and silhouettes and color palette. If Angelina is in a slinky black dress, Brad isn’t going to show up in khakis. They’re in harmony style-wise.”Dressing alike also instantly advertises to the world that you’re a couple. “It ties you together,” says Taylor. “You can say, ‘I’m with that person—we’re a couple.’ I don’t know if it’s intentional, but it bonds you together.”Check out our slideshow of celebrity dynamic duos who mirror each other’s style.