Preparing for a wedding can be fun, but also expensive.  Centerpieces alone can be high dollar items.  One way to cut back on expenses is for the couple to make the centerpieces themselves.  No flower arranging experience is necessary, and each centerpiece just takes a few simple supplies.

Here are 4 wedding do-it-yourself ideas for great looking centerpieces:

Mason Jars 

Mason jars provide a simple, homey look to any wedding décor. They are easy to find in any store that sells canning supplies and are quite inexpensive.

If you are planning a wedding with a country theme, especially,  Mason jars can add a lovely touch to the wedding table.  Depending on the look you are going for, use burlap, lace, satin, silk, cotton gingham or any other cloth that you like, and wrap the jars.  Use twine to tie it together. Add votive candles in the jars for ambiance.

This is a fun way to play with your wedding colors.  For instance, you could add a simple brown burlap cloth, tied with raffia twine, and a yellow candle inside to match a yellow tablecloth.  Alternatively, you could add a pink and white cotton gingham check tied with a pink ribbon, and place either white or pink candle inside.  The possibilities are limitless.

Wine Bottles 

Wine bottles come in interesting, artful shapes that one can do a lot with, in terms of centerpieces.

Spray paint a wine bottle any color that you plan to use as the theme for your wedding. Some people like to use a complimentary metallic color for this project, such as gold, bronze or silver. Once dry, simply insert one long-stemmed flower, such as a lily or rose,  and arrange on the table any way you please.  It is a good idea to keep their height in mind and to place them so they will not block the views of people who will be seated at the table.

Plant Pots 

Transform simple ceramic pots into pretty centerpieces by painting them, or leaving them as-is, and adding lace around the main part of the pot.  Secure the lace with a pretty ribbon in a contrasting color for a beautiful, almost effortless look that you will love.

Another way to use plant pots is to create paper mosaics on their surfaces.  Simply apply white glue with a craft brush and apply patterned or plain papers in pleasing designs.  Overlap the edges to create a mosaic look.


Procure several large, clear vases.  You can purchase them new, but can save money by picking them up at thrift stores.  There is no need for them to match, as different shapes and sizes add to their overall visual appeal.    Fill them three-quarter of the way up with water,  and add a fruit of your choice, such as lemons, limes or cherries, or add transparent glass marbles.  Play with color combinations by layering, or mixing until a pleasing visual  Add bouquets of flowers on top in contrasting colors.