Everyone gets aroused in different ways. When it comes to sex, no two people are the same. Some people get aroused by touch and smell, some people get aroused by sound, some people get around by sight.

Finding exactly what arouses you is something that will probably take time and develop with age. If you’re curious what kind of arousal type you might be, read ahead:

Behaviorists get aroused by specific actions. That could be doing role-play, experimenting with new positions, or doing other types of actions in bed. Typically, behaviorists are into sex toys and playing around with them in unique ways.

Someone who is an attractor feels aroused when they feel they look good. They get turned on when they know their partner thinks they look sexy and feel more confident in themselves. They want to feel wanted and enjoy being told they look attractive.

The key to arousing a sensualist is using the five senses. Put on a diffuser when you’re having sex and a sensualist will go wild. Sensualists like to be loud and experiment with sounds during sex. They also might enjoy playing around with food to excite their tastebuds.

Someone who is intimate is mostly looking for that deep, emotional connection during sex. They feel like giving pleasure is equally as important as receiving pleasure, and because of that they are often into more emotional sex and feeling connected.

An equalist is a perfect combination of all 4 of the arousal types. An equalist loves looking good, they love feeling connected to their partners, they love using all 5 senses, and they love experimenting in bed. They are willing to try new things in order to spice up their sex life.