Taking care of ourselves is just as crucial to our health as exercise and downing that questionable-tasting green juice. When we take care of ourself, it can take many forms, from the time at home doing nothing but binging Netflix to making time for that new hobby. Self-care has taken off recently, as the concept gains popularity, and people learn more about the importance of making time for the things that restore them.

Your idea of self-care might be a trip to the salon for a fresh manicure or spending time with friends in a local bar, but what happens when you’re stuck at home? We’ve got five awesome ideas for self-care, even if you can’t go out.

Game Night

When was the last time you let yourself play a video game? Whether it’s the Kim Kardashian phone game or a console game like Skyrim, making time to do purely fun things with no concern for your productivity is vital.

Our achievement-obsessed society can easily pressure us into judging every way we spend our time, even our time off. Just remember that to work hard, you have to play hard too.

Home Spa

If you can throw together an at-home office, you can create your own at-home spa too. Think of all your favorite parts of going to the salon, whether it’s the atmosphere, or the products used, and try recreating a spa day at home. Get some candles, splurge on a new face mask, and set up a relaxing atmosphere to make some time to pamper yourself.


Self-care looks different for everyone, but sometimes things that can seem like chores are exactly what we need to let off some steam. Cooking is one of those things that takes some work but rewards you with a fun means of getting out of your head (and getting a delicious result, too).

Try picking out a new recipe that you’d like to experiment with and give yourself plenty of time to cook. Make yourself a playlist, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the art of cooking.

Simply Read

Another excellent idea for some easy self-care when you’re stuck home is to go back to basics and crack open an excellent book. You can set aside some time for reading and create an enjoyable ritual for reading, like lighting up a favorite candle or making yourself a delicious tea.

Just remember that making time for yourself to relax and enjoy life isn’t selfish; it’s self-care.